You’ve worked hard your entire life to accumulate wealth.  Now it’s time to transition from wealth accumulation to wealth management. We work closely with you to balance the need for modest growth with the multitude of risks you face as an investor.

Wealth management is an  investment-advisory discipline that incorporates personalized financial planning, investment portfolio management and protection strategies. With an understanding of your specific goals and situation, we create and implement a custom wealth managment plan.

Our process involves working closely with you to:

  • Evaluate your current portfolio holdings & fee structure.
  • Review how your accounts are titled & how beneficiaries are assigned.
  • Explore your concerns and attitudes about risk with our proprietary risk analyzer.
  • Discuss our investment philosophy and alternative risk management techniques.
  • Determine an appropriate fee structure for our relationship.
  • Implement your personalized wealth management plan.
  • Establish ongoing review schedule to track progress.