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Over the past decade, LPL Financial Services has been one of the largest independent financial services firms in the U.S.*  LPL Financial Advisors help their clients meet their investment goals through a complete array of financial services including equities, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, insurance, fee-based programs, financial planning, mortgage services and trust services. Unlike many other brokerage firms, LPL does not develop its own investment products, enabling the firm’s investment professionals to offer truly objective financial advice.

Account Protection

To give clients the maximum level of protection for their accounts, cash and securities held in LPL brokerage accounts are protected up to $100 million. LPL’s SIPC membership provides account protection up to a maximum of $500,000, of which $100,000 may be in cash. For more information visit www.sipc.org. Additionally, through Lloyds of London, LPL accounts have additional securities coverage of $99.5 million per account, subject to a $500 million aggregate firm limit. The account protection applies when a SIPC firm fails financially and is unable to meet obligations to securities clients, but it does not protect against losses from the rise and fall in the market value of investments.

Through LPL’s multi-bank Insured Cash Account Program, deposits are eligible for up to $1 million of deposit insurance for individual accounts, and for up to $2 million of deposit insurance for joint accounts through the FDIC. At each bank, your Insured Cash Account deposits are insured by FDIC to a maximum amount of $100,000 (including principal and accrued interest) when aggregating with all other deposits held by you in the same recognized legal capacity (e.g., individual, joint, IRA, etc.) at the same bank. For example, if you have an individual brokerage account, you would be eligible for up to $100,000 of FDIC deposit insurance per bank. If you and your spouse have a joint account, your account would be eligible for up to $200,000 of FDIC deposit insurance per bank. If you have any questions about FDIC insurance coverage, visit www.fdic.gov.

*As reported in Financial Planning magazine 1996-2009, based on total revenues.