Our Services

“Wisdom to Guide, Confidence to Dream” are not just words on a page; they are truly a guiding philosophy for our business.

What we do is help people achieve their dreams. As such, relying on years of experience and research, we developed the Fortier Method™ and the Guiding Philosophy Statement™ or “GPS” to help our clients determine where it is they want to go in life and then map out the directions on how best to get there.

Similar to a Global Positioning System, your GPS will help you determine your destination, chart your course and guide you on your journey. Instead of road closures and traffic conditions, it allows you to take into account variables such as changes in governing policies, market fluctuations, and personal circumstances to help ensure that you are still on track to pursue your goals.

In plain terms, Fortier Financial’s GPS helps our clients identify and articulate their goals. It also serves as a tool to help ensure the appropriate course is being taken to pursue those goals.

Fortier Financial will help you define your goals in a GPS and chart a course accordingly in personalized financial plan. For this, a previously agreed upon flat fee will be charged based on the complexity of the plan and time involved. If you would like Fortier Financial to remain with you on your journey by implementing and monitoring your plan, then the fee will be credited toward your account.

For implementation and monitoring, most clients participate in the same fee scale of 1% of assets per year. However, there are instances when an account is below the minimum for a fee-based account or a product is not available without commissions. In these types of situations, we receive a commission and do not charge an additional fee for our services.

Getting Started is easy. Begin the client application process by calling 504.237.4448 or emailing: Kristina.fortier@lpl.com. We will then schedule a complimentary introductory meeting to share our philosophy and walk you through the Fortier Method. If we determine that you are a fit for our clientele, then we will learn about your goals, values and circumstances so that we can integrate all these elements into a personalized plan.

This is just the beginning of the journey. Ours is a long-term partnership that will assist you for life. We will meet with you regularly to reassess and, if necessary, adjust to changes in the economy and in your situation.