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Advice from the Cheshire Cat
There is no better illustration of the shortcomings of traditional financial advice than how Wall Street promotes investment performance monitoring. Learn this lesson from a classic children’s tale.

The Glamour of Planning
Why does a piece of dyed green linen have the ability to arouse some of our deepest and darkest emotions? That’s the question we explore in this issue.

Craft of Advice
The Fortier team grows in this issue, with President Brad Fortier being honored by the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation, the addition of Kris Fortier as the new Director of Client Relations and Director of Client Services Nicole Aucoin receives certification. Brad also shares wisdom in “The Craft of Advice.”

Don’t Try Anything New on Race Day
As a marathon athlete, Brad has picked up some tips along the way. Learn how he applies those to personal finance in this issue. An article on Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Finances is also sure to help you get on track.

We’ll See
A Buddhist proverb offers wisdom on how to approach the volatility of today’s financial markets, and Fortier Financial sponsors a local writing competition hosted by NolaVie.

A Fool’s Errand
Ever work really hard at something only to realize it has been a fruitless exercise in futility? Learn how to help prevent this when managing your finances.

Know Thyself
Brad leans on Greek history and the ancient phrase “know thyself” to impart modern-day financial advice.

Planning Your Resolutions
Explore resolutions and learn Top 3 Wise Money Strategies for starting the New Year.

Banking on Bonds?
Learn how the Fed is using your tax dollars to make sure that banking on bonds doesn’t pay

Why Not Take a Step Outside?
In 1979, Business Week predicted the “Death of Equities.” The fear many people had been experiencing was confirmed by this reputable media outlet. The problem, however, is that this now infamous contrary indicator preceded a bull run that lasted some twenty years. Brad explores how this may be playing out again in present day.

Double Dip Recession?
This issue takes a closer look at the economy’s sluggish rebound and how we should put it in context.

Preparing for the Unknown
In wake of the 2010 BP oil spill, this issue shares insight into planning for the unexpected- including long-term care. Brad also shares his experience getting to know Dr. Harry Markowitz, an American economist and a recipient of the John von Neumann Theory Prize and the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

A Few Things to Share
In this issue learn about ROTH IRA conversion opportunities, Brad winning the Charlie Eisenmann Client First Award, and Fortier Financial’s sponsorship of  Louisiana chapter of the AT&T Pioneers volunteer network.