Brad & Mayor Landrieu Partner to Fix the Debt

I was recently asked to participate on the Louisiana Fix the Debt Steering Committee.  I am honored to have been asked to join a group of fellow concerned citizens to openly confront one of the most important challenges of our time.  There are two reasons why I chose to dedicate my time to such a cause:

  1. As a wealth manager it is important I remain focused on all issues impacting the stability of the investments that sustain our lifestyles. No issue is more important to the sustainability of all of our personal financial plans than the looming insolvency created by out-of-control spending.
  2. As a parent who has dedicated his life to continuous self-improvement, it was important for me to gain a better understanding of just how we as a society ended up in such a predicament.  In trying times such as these, we each have a moral obligation to one another to undergo a certain amount of self-analysis.  There is a part of me that needed to be certain that my current lifestyle choices are aiding in a solution instead of contributing to the problem.  Either way, you can rest assured that I will openly share my revelations and contemplations along the way.

The Louisiana Steering Committee of the Campaign to Fix the Debt includes:

Mayor Mitchell Landrieu – City of New Orleans, Co-chair
Brad Fortier, President of Fortier Financial
State Senator Jean-Paul J. Morrell
State Representative Walter “Walt” J. Leger, III
Mayor Randy Roach – City of Lake Charles
Councilmember Jackie Clarkson – City of New Orleans
Jay Bennet Johnson, Former US Senator
Herschel Abbott – Former President of Bell South Louisiana
Michael Olivier – Committee of 100
Dominik Knoll , CEO of World Trade Center of New Orleans
Ben Johnson, President & CEO of New Orleans Chamber of Commerce
Paul Flower, President and CEO of Woodward Design+Build
Al Herrera, Vice-President of IPS Corp
Cleveland Spears, President of Spears Consulting Group
William H. Hines, Managing Partner of Jones Walker
Pat LeBlanc, Partner at LeBlanc Butler LLC
Demetric Mercadel, Entergy New Orleans, Inc.

Click HERE to learn more about the mission of the Fix the Debt Campaign.  Feel free to sign the petition if you are so inclined. Rest assured, I will be keeping you posted on all relevant updates to our current fiscal challenges and the potential impacts on our investment plans.