Hurricane Isaac Prep

Dear Clients and Friends,
Fortier Financial has made preparations to continue to service you during Hurricane Isaac.   We will be available on our usual numbers and I will update Fortier Financial’s website as needed.  Our office has very comprehensive back-up procedures, so in the event that we would have to leave, we will soon be running again and able to contact you.

Fortier Financial’s emergency contact information is:
4609 Bluebonnet Boulevard # A
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Brad Fortier: 504-610-3334
Nicole Aucoin: 504-377-7500
Kris Fortier: 504-237-4448

I would like to remind you if you are preparing to evacuate please bring your emergency binder including all of your planning documents.  To diversify our forms of communication please like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, links for these pages are located on the top right of this email.

Please be safe and always err on the side of caution! 
“This is why we plan!”

Your Friend & Advisor,
Brad Fortier